Monday, July 27, 2015

Beekeeping: Ultimate #squadgoals

If you are on Twitter or Instagram you have probably seen the hashtag squadgoals. Or #squad. If you haven't heard this or seen it anywhere you likely don't have a teenage girl living in your house and you're following NASA scientists on Instagram. Actually NASA scientists would be a space squad. Pluto would be #squadgoal. Confused? Here's an article from The Atlantic to get you up to date, The Summer of the #Squad

But I look out my window every day and see the ultimate female squad, colonies of bees. Even Taylor Swift would be jealous of these highly organized, super efficient, females working together and supporting each other. A colony of  bees is the ultimate sorority where all the work is done by females and the drones are cast out in the fall to die. Imagine the song that could emerge from that little scenario.  And what they are working on isn't just creating honey, but along the way they just happen to be pollinating our crops and holding our food supply together.

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