Saturday, July 4, 2015

What To Do Now

Let me know if this sounds like you, here's what's on my plate right now:

Painting cabinets in the guest house, trying to harvest honey, designing and printing labels for the jars, cleaning the house after almost a month of resting my shoulder from a torn rotator cuff, trying to finish the garden project I was in the middle of when I tore it, tending the garden and bees, applying for the Tennessee Master Gardener course, reading 3 books, and planning a vacation. And the DVR is full of things that need to be watched before they can be deleted to make more space. The recycling bins need to be emptied. I need to make a hair appointment. I need to write a blog post and edit the pictures I took the other day. Find the projector and old family slides to show when family comes to visit later this month. Get back to working out. Take a load of castoffs to Goodwill.

And what did I do this morning? I pinned more pins on Pinterest of projects and ideas. Pinterest falls under the heading of fake productivity. It makes you feel like you are getting something accomplished, until you look up at your reality.

 Clearly, I have a problem with focus. A sort of project ADD. Yes, of course I'd like to start 5 more projects while my front garden is a disaster and you can't even walk to the door. Why wouldn't I want to paint the cabinets in the guest house in the middle of the honey harvest? And let's face it, it's always time to start another book.

If this sounds like you then join me today in finishing something. Anything. Just one thing no matter how small. The laundry. A book. A half watched movie. A semi-organized closet. Something!

And no more pinning until we do. I know that's hard. Pinterest Land makes us feel like we are getting things done, but it's an illusion unless we are pinning and doing. If you don't have any unfinished projects in the works then pick something you've pinned and do it today. Not adding your dream kitchen but something small. Something that would take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. A recipe. An exercise.

You create momentum by starting. The satisfaction is in finishing.

We can finish something today.

So what to do now? One small thing done with focus.

Let me know what you get done!

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