Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Scents: Gardenia for Her & Cedar for Him

Are you like me and still recovering from Christmas? I go straight from visions of sugarplums to visions of daffodils and swarming bees. But wait! There's something in between! Valentine's Day always sneaks up on me no matter how many hearts and boxes of candy they put out at the neighborhood Walgreens.

So while testing formulas and scents in the Pen & Hive kitchen I was inspired to combine Valentine's Day and spring. I was looking to create a couple of products with certain qualities. It's still winter so I wanted something healing and luxurious. I wanted to offer something specifically for men. They are so hard to buy for because the only thing they really want is kind of hard to gift wrap.

I also wanted to offer a scent for women that was romantic and feminine enough for Valentine's Day. Let's face it ladies, sometimes we just go ahead and pick up what we really want...just in case. If I could get all that and have a nice floral scent that would carry us right into spring I thought we'd all be happy.

Here are the results.


 Let's start with the men. This Forest Hive Hand Balm is soothing and ...well, balmy. I like using it myself. It has a light woodsy scent from the essential cedar wood oil.  Propolis straight from the hive helps seal in moisture and protect. Calendula infused olive oil and tea tree oil offer healing properties that help hands recover from scrapes and nicks. You can see I tried to keep the label simple and masculine. Nothing about it says he can't keep it in the truck or his desk at work.~ $7.00


  Okay, enough about the men. What about us? I've got you covered. I'll admit that sometimes I enjoy hauling in firewood but this time of year it seems to be the cooking and cleaning that is hardest on my hands not to mention the overall dryness from the low humidity and indoor heat. We need a hero in a tin to combat all of that and if it could smell deliciously girly without being cloyingly sweet, well I just don't think that's too much to ask. 

Introducing Gardenia Hand Crafted Skin Balm with mango butter and olive oil. My olive oils are almost always infused with calendula to be extra soothing and this one is no exception. It's the consistency of a firm balm and goes on smoothly. It stays on the skin longer and the scent lingers throughout the day. I will say that there is a hint of gardenia. It isn't cloyingly sweet or overpowering. *The gardenia scent is a perfume oil and not an essential oil.~ $8.00

If 2 ounces of skin balm is good then 4 ounces of Gardenia Body Frosting must be better. With a slightly heavier scent and more of a whipped cream texture it's a fabulous follow up for a bath or shower since the added vitamin E helps hold in moisture. It leaves a lovely "finish" on the skin. If you purchased Honey Spice Body Butter in the fall this is a similar texture and feeling but whipped and so a bit lighter.~$18.00

  To make it a gift set add a 3 pack of soap. ~$5.00                                                                         

All the items are hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labeled by me. Everything is created in small batches a few times and then they are gone unless the demand is high in which case they may return seasonally. I want to know what you think! Have you used a product you loved or is there a scent you'd like me to make? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Want to read a review? Here's one. 

All products come with hand stamped gift packaging (yellow and white for men, pink and red for women) and tag ready to give as a gift because I think you have more important things to do than stop to pick up tissue paper. 


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