Monday, February 13, 2012

December Jaunt to Chickamauga, Georgia

from December 2010

Time warp gas station in TN
My owner tossed me in the backseat of the car and headed off to Chattanooga for her husband's book signing and to meet friends with whom she would ride home to spend the week in Savannah. A visit to the small town of Chickamauga (the actual destination) always requires a visit to the local hat shop, Peaches Fine Millinery and shopping in several antique stores and gift shops.
They can spend hours here...

This year there was a new bakery called Chocolate Therapy where MO was tempted (and gave in straight away) by her all     time favorite dessert...coconut cake. A Southern staple, yet one that she has never allowed herself to make at home, remembering what a mistake it was to go to the New Orleans School of Cooking and learn to make pralines. "It is closely akin to knowing how to make crack at home" she said.

After spending a long time in the hat store chatting with Carol, the owner, they made their purchases. Carol even gave them a 10% discount "because y'all are so fun!"

Sure Carol...that's what they need...encouragement.

Later when they spotted Santa on the street corner they had Mr. MO pull over, pop the trunk, they put on their hats and (poor Kris Kringle) proceeded to entice him into a photo session which involved lots of "let me see it" and "take another".

After two fun days and nights it was time to say goodbye to Mr. Owner who was headed home to spend the week alone (which between you and me, he probably enjoyed) while MO and her friend traveled home to Savannah chatting nonstop and making plans for the week. The main plan plan.

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