Friday, December 17, 2010

Eating and Drinking in Savannah Georgia

My owner is always fond of experiencing fine food and drink especially when traveling. Savannah did not disappoint. Staying with the Food Maven meant wonderful food would be shared and enjoyed and yes, read about. Just about the time MO was falling asleep one night in came her hostess with a book and instructions to "Read this in the morning, you'll like it."     Early the next day My Owner did as she was told, pulled out the assigned reading material and her reading glasses and was promptly distracted by the color coordination of the book, glasses, and comforter. She reached for the camera to document this little random piece of eye candy (and she wonders why no one reads her blog).

The book was excellent and full of good advice about how and what to eat, a subject that always is of interest to her.
Which brings us to the restaurants and food of Savannah.

Vinnie Van GoGo's is an amazing pizza place where one slice is more than enough to fill you up. The atmosphere is super casual. 

MO had the tomato and spinach which she deemed "fabulous" because of course she loves to make use of an extensive vocabulary when describing food.

What better to follow pizza than champagne and chocolate? So it was off to LuLu's Chocolate Bar for champagne cocktails, served up with chocolate cookies with a chili pepper kick.

 Flourless chocolate cake drizzled with raspberry.

There really




Espresso chocolate creme brulee served up with a beautiful orchid garnish (which is edible, by the way).

Champagne and chocolate...genius.

A girls' afternoon out included some shopping but not before stopping for a superb lunch at Soho South Cafe.
A charming tea room and antique store complete with original art for sale. Mo snapped this picture of the sign and iconic moss covered oaks before they went in.

MO and Food Maven's daughter split the ham & brie with granny smith apples and ...

the Greek salad.

Fresh. Delicious.

This photo was snapped AFTER lunch and a couple of mimosas.
MO abides by the strict rule of never declining champagne if it's offered.

The result is what we have here.

I know what you are asking yourself. "Didn't they visit the culinary darling of Savannah, Paula Deen's restaurant?


MO is not fond of southern style home cooking (desserts excluded), so it wasn't a must see for her. But she did snap a pic anyway as they drove by.

Speaking of desserts, friends don't let friends leave Savannah without a stop to the Back In the Day Bakery. 

Coffee and a Miss Hannah which consists of butter cream frosting sandwiched between two lavender shortbread cookies. 

The bakery is infused not only with the most heavenly aromas but also with a nostalgic charm that is comforting in today's fast paced world that can, if only for a few moments, take you back to a simpler time. 

However for all the great food devoured in this beautiful coastal Georgia city, one of the best things she ate all week was a chicken salad with roasted potatoes thrown together by her friend and eaten at the kitchen table with a family she loves.

                  What is EVER more delicious than that?

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