Saturday, March 3, 2012

Surprise Stop at Pisa

Are you lost? This Italian adventure might be confusing you, but it is somewhat disorienting to travel at times upside down or at the bottom of a stack of other baggage, in the dark. I'm doing the best I can.  To make up for my directional challenges here's a map. I've marked our travels in pink, My Owner likes pink.

Pisa wasn't even on the itinerary!

Did you know this thing is famous for leaning?
Pisa was a surprise that the tour guide and bus driver threw in between Venice and Florence because we had made such good time due to an unusual lack of traffic. Just time for a quick lunch some photos and then back to the bus for the trip to Florence.

The thing bad thing about this lunch was that they were on a very tight schedule and the leader of their group never did get her food.

The weather was absolutely perfect this day. What a lovely little surprise...and here my owner is always going on and on about how she hates surprises. She can be so ridiculous.

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  1. such a nice trip with such a nice lunch! we could see the tower from our table, couldn't we?