Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter Reading and Gift Ideas for the Beekeeper

Winter is the off season for beekeepers in most of the world. It makes a book the perfect gift for the beekeeper. Here are some of my favorites if you still need a little something for your beekeeping friend or family member.

1. The Beekeeper's Bible. This is a gorgeous book that is packed full of useful information and photographs. Any beekeeper would be thrilled to open this on Christmas morning!

2. The Backyard Beekeeper.   A great book for the beginner beekeeper or a gardener who is thinking about adding beehives to their garden space.

3. The Bee Book. An excellent addition to the gardener's library as well as the beekeeper's.

4. Bees: A Honeyed History. A fascinating look at how bees have impacted history and interesting facts and trivia along with fun illustrations. If you want a book with a BIG impact this over sized child and adult friendly volume will be a hit!

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5. The Hive and the Honeybee. A classic. This is a hefty tome for the serious beekeeper and anyone else who is interested in an in-depth discussion of the keeping of bees.

The book at the top of the page would be fun for your favorite beekeeper who loves all things vintage. Full of classic diagrams and old school charm it's a favorite of mine for reading by the fire on cold winter nights. By renowned scholar and apiculturist, E.F. Phillips, it can be difficult to find but is worth the hunt. 

Anyone who is interested in bees would love to find any of these books under the tree. Happy Holidays and merry beekeeping! 


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