Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Midsummer Update

  1. the middle part of summer.

    "the midsummer heat"
    • another term for summer solstice.

Cue Johnny Mathis. 

Tomorrow is the summer solstice. For beekeepers and gardeners, summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Even though I don't always feel that way when I'm working in 100 degree heat and swamp level humidity but it certainly is the busiest time. So what have I been up to? Here's the quick rundown then it's back to work!

Garden: June is hands down the prettiest month of all in the garden. What's blooming right now? Bee balm, yarrow, hostas, rudbeckia, beans, squash, and hydrangeas. Ask me next month. The answer will be nothing. July is that hot ugly month between bee balm and garlic chives. This is how gardeners tell time. 

Bees: I know. I know. All you want to know is when will the honey be ready. It's coming along. I've pulled off a few frames and it looks good. Remember though, I work for the queen. These girls can't be rushed no matter how many people ask me when it'll be available.

Inside: since I didn't get the carpet and linoleum up in the cottage before the honey harvest it'll have to wait until things slow down. Yes, I will accept that Procrastination Queen crown now. Thank you ever so much!   

Here are some recent projects I did manage to finish though! Go ahead and check out these posts, I'll wait! 

 Updating a Vintage Hutch with Milk Paint

A Fireplace Face Lift:

Turning a China Cabinet into an Accessory Armoire

Adding a Bold Color Choice to the Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

pink kitchen cabinets

See? I'm still here!

Okay, Y'all, what are you working on this summer? Reading through the classics? Growing the best tomato ever? Purging and organizing? Or maybe relaxing and enjoying? All worthy goals! Let me know in the comments! XOXO


  1. Fun! I bet the cottage is darling. My hostas are huge. I found some great deals on hanging baskets so my porch is ready for chilling out on. I have a piece of furniture I want to redo and build a firepit. we'll see what happens because I also have a grandbaby on the way.

    1. Grandbabies are the best!So happy for you! I've been having a lot of fun decorating which I have to admit I haven't done in a while and things were looking...tired. And that is putting it nicely. Every once in a while things need refreshing . I have a post coming up about that! Your porch is adorable! You will have a baby to rock on it soon!


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