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Welcome to Pen & Hive!

I love to share creative improvements for a sweeter life. 

Are you thinking about starting a garden, getting some beehives, or chickens but wonder if you can do all that in your suburban backyard? Are you just interested in upping your recycling game? Have you ever stopped to pick up a piece of furniture that someone had put out for the trash? Do you ever look in your kids' closet (or your own) and wonder if you couldn't simplify your life and make do with less?

I'm interested in helping you find positive ways to enjoy every part of your everyday life.

I'm a former home school mom and lifelong gardener turned blogger and beekeeper. I'm a docent at the state's largest art museum and am a Master Garden. I live in Tennessee suburb with my husband two dogs, a cat, some chickens, and several hundred thousand bees.

Come join me as I share simple creative ways to improve your life, home, and garden a little bit every day.


You can buzz me by email at mkshort@hotmail.com
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  1. Tripped over you by accident and at exactly the right moment. Longtime recycler, reuser and upscaler. Longing for bees and the ability to focus well enough, long enough, to finish creating the garden I've worked towards over a period of years. A ways to go yet, but haven't had a lawn to mow for ten years. My sister has the most amazing little farmstead, with ducks (had geese one year and decided never again, Ithink), unnamed chickens for meat and named ones for eggs. I admire but I also need clean time for reading, writing, and quilting. This is my Croning year, time to burn to find the gold and let the dross go, to travel forward with a lighter load, towards my heart's desire.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! All of the things I am interested in have evolved over several years and are still developing. I'm like you. More than I have now might make it difficult for me to find the time to do all the other things I love, like reading, writing, and volunteering. And quite often sitting and observing nature or quietly thinking my own thoughts in a quiet corner somewhere. Good for you on working on refining your life!