Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Milk and Honey Candle 50 Years in the Making

Longtime followers will remember the attic treasure trove from last fall.

 How We Stumbled Upon an Attic Time Capsule This Week. Notice the date. Almost a year to the day I'll be selling them as candles!

While my husband and I use the little lunch plates every day--we ate pizza off them last night!--I've never used the darling teacups or goblets.

Do you remember the one new thing for this year?

That's right! Candle making! If you have no idea what One New Thing is read this:

Why I Learn to Do One New Thing Every Year and while we're on the subject, let's reflect on those 2018 resolutions.

The candle making was kind of a thing because the process included all parts from catching swarms in the spring to slinging honey to rendering the wax to mixing and pouring the candle. Y'all. It took a minute, which is why my one new thing is happening in the fall instead of earlier. No shortcuts around here. These are the real thing start to finish.

And yeah, I'm ready for reading a book with my feet up while burning them.

Here's the thing about pure beeswax candles; beeswax burns hot and fast meaning that it "tunnels" down through the candle burning quickly in the center leaving a large ring of wasted wax. In order to fix the problem, I added coconut oil and was able to achieve a slower more even burn.

It's kind of like when jewelers have to add something to silver for it to be usable since alone it's too soft of a metal for use. 

I didn't want to make the candles in a jar though I think that's cute. I wanted something really special and then...


I saw the box of milk glass and BAM! They basically named themselves.

Milk glass + Beeswax =- Milk and Honey

If you receive one as a gift know that it was waiting 50 years tucked away to find its way to you and was made with love by me and my bees. For more on the bees that made all of this possible click on the "Beekeeping" tab or here. 

XOXO Y'all!