Friday, June 26, 2015

New Project: The Pen and Hive Kitchen!

Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. Like while lamenting having my kitchen too messed up to make dinner during the honey harvest last year, I got frustrated.  All that scraping and jarring, jars and lids everywhere, plus labels is a lot to get out and then have to put away at dinner time.

But what else could I do? 

You can be so used to thinking about things in a certain way that it's hard for you to get a fresh perspective. I'd only been thinking of our now vacant mother-in-law wing as a possible guest house. Honestly, how had I not thought of it as an extra kitchen for processing honey and whipping up lotions and creams?

I don't know either.

I can decorate it cottage style and it will still be completely available and appropriate for short term guests. Let's review. Remember where we started?

 We made a start by clearing all the clutter. It took 3 yard sales and several Craig's List postings. We removed an awkwardly placed cabinet and tore out the impractical island. It did get painted but that's where progress stopped.  Here's what it looks like currently.

It is a blank canvas that is just crying out to be made adorable! It's amazing what great ideas I'm having while recovering from a shoulder injury that is keeping me from doing much of anything at all. Stay tuned.

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