Friday, January 15, 2016

Did You Know You are a Super Hero?

super hero bee saving valentine

Hello, Pen & Hive Family!

Did you know you are a bee-saving environmental super hero? Well, you are! While I'm creating some fun goodies for Valentine's Day I was thinking of just how important you are. Yesterday I ordered a couple of swarms of bees to add to the apiary and more equipment with the profits from our Open House and Pop-Up-Shop.

Big thanks to every one who made a purchase!

But guess what! Even if you didn't buy anything and just shared about the danger posed to bees, you are part of the solution by sharing information. Thank you!

At the same time while I'm gearing up for the busy buzzy season of spring I'm researching organizations that help beekeepers in developing countries. Beekeeping is an amazing sustainable skill that can go a long way toward alleviating poverty for a family or an entire village. Starting this year a portion of every purchase you make will be donated toward this cause. I'll be sharing details about this soon!

Who is making all of that possible? You are, by purchasing honey and skin care products that I hope you love and continue to buy in the future. Please shoot me a comment or email to let me know how you are enjoying your honey or skin care product and what kind of response you got if you gave them as gifts.

Post coming up soon about what's going to be available as a sweet gift for your honey!


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