Sunday, March 13, 2016

Do Yourself a Favor and Invest in a Pair of Good Rain Boots

quilt and beehives

 Have you been living through this spring Rainpocalypse in your area? It was the kind of deluge that had my husband crawling around in the attic looking for the source of a leak and on the roof in a storm with a friend nailing down a tarp. My house looks like a refugee camp with curb appeal.

But just like the day my mother in law fell in the creek behind our house and the firemen had to come and rescue her (a funny, not scary, story for another time) I was at least happy I got to wear my rain boots.

When we were in Scotland we heard that they have a saying: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Imagine Sean Connery saying it in a rain storm in his tuxedo.

 My rain boots have been worth their weight in gold. If you get long rainy spells in your area treat yourself to a good pair of rubber boots for the garden. You can get by with the inexpensive ones from places like Target for casual wear but if your goal is to live out some English gardening fantasy and walk through puddles with the confidence of a 3 year old then invest in something comparable to a Green Wellie.

Read about the history of the Green Wellie here. 

bee rain boots

 This pair of Joules ran me around seventy dollars online from Nordstrom. They are heavy duty and adorable at the same time.

There is something about trudging around in the garden with good boots on while carrying a shovel I cannot explain. If the chickens follow you, well doesn't get any better than that.

I didn't receive any compensation from Nordstrom for writing this post I just am in love with this product! 


  1. Need a cute pair of rain boots this season? You should think about a pair of Wellies then. These cute and cheap rubber boots will keep your feet dry all year. You can wear them in the rain and the snow.

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Owen! Wellies are certainly the standard by which all other rain boots are judged. I had intended to buy a pair when I saw these and well...bees. I could not resist.

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