Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Bee Update

April buzzed by. I got through the month with no swarms, lots of healthy bees, and honey supers that are building up beautifully. Here are a few pics from my most recent inspection.

This is what you want to see when you open up a hive. Massive amounts of bees, and frames of honey pollen and most importantly, capped brood.

Sometimes it's fun to just look at an individual bee. I  thought this girl was adorable heading out for her first foraging flight of the day.

 I don't always see the queen but this one is new and marked in a hive with fewer bees so spotting her was super easy.

 Look at this beautiful brood pattern! Each of those cells capped with tan wax contains a baby bee. This is the kind of thing that makes a beekeeper positively giddy.

We've had lots of beautiful weather and the bees are bringing in nectar and pollen like crazy. They have built out comb in the honey supers and are just beginning to cap some gorgeous spring honey. I sneaked a taste after this inspection and it tasted like honeysuckle.  I also took some video of traffic in the front of the hive to share. Turn up the sound so you can enjoy the sound of the birds and the bees on a beautiful April morning.

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