Sunday, August 27, 2017

Platters in the Garden Because Downcycling is a Thing

Somehow I ended up with several platters. Even after getting rid of some a few years ago I still had three or four I just loved looking at! If you have been reading a while you know there is a kink in my minimalist chain. Read about my ongoing struggle with stuff here and here.  It's how much I love the cottage look.

Dang it. 

I love decor that looks collected over time, casual, not contrived. 

Anyway, platters. I had three blue and white ones on the wall in my guest cottage. I loved everything about this, but mainly the fact that the bunny on the left is eating out of a blue and white platter!

It's overload I know. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Please tell me you can relate. 

I finally found a platter solution at a local shop. The owner of Me and Mrs. Jones had created a wispy wall of platters casually drifting from the bottom left to the top right. It looked random and genius. I thought a similar idea would look adorable on the outside wall of my tool shed that faces my beehives and chicken coop.

The ultimate farm to table nod for a kitchen garden. 

I went around the house and found all the platters I had and hung them up, except for a lovely one that my sister sent me many years ago. The collection was a little sparse. I found a couple at thrift stores. Then I helped my neighbor clean out some stuff in his garage and he shared 3 more with me.

I love that they are random.

A couple have flowers.

There's one cow and this adorable sheep.

Some blue and white.

I used some small platters to fill out the area where I wanted smaller items to drift up.

Those little plate hangers add up so I eventually used some copper wire I had on hand to make my own. I think I actually like the look of this better for a garden. I love that it looks hand made, cause it is, and doesn't look fussy or over thought.

I hate fussy and over thought.  

Y'all! This is making me so happy! I have been looking for the perfect thing to put on this wall for years. Not even kidding. Years. This got some more stuff out of my house and I can see them and enjoy them everyday. Who knows! I may even yank one off from time to time to bring in something from the garden!

You know what I really need is a garden sink...


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