Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Frame Makeover Part 2: From Somber and Serious to Fancy and Elegant.

antique painting

In the end, this frame did not want to be dark and serious. It wanted to be fancy and light. You can see that the dark frame just didn't suit the room. Thank goodness I propped it up to see what it would look like before reframing the painting. Read about how to recreate this look. 

It wouldn't have been terrible, but the gold is so much better in the space. The solution to the final finish was Modern Masters Metallic Paint in Pale Gold. 

metallic paint pale gold

I just brushed it on around the gold-leafed details and then went back and hit the high spots of the embellishments to give it extra shine. I had darkened the gold leaf significantly by going over it with the stain previously.  It needed a little pick me up around the edges to tie in with the new finish. 

Any trepidation about going over the stain was dismissed as soon as I saw how fantastic the gold looked! This was definitely the right look for this frame.  

acorns and oak leaves

I mean, yall. I seriously almost couldn't stand how beautiful it was and it only took me about 20 minutes! Although I do think the look benefitted from the layered process I did. The depth and dimension are from all those under layers that show through here and there. 

gold leaf frame

Oh my gosh. Oak leaves and acorns are my favorite motif! 

It was all I could do to let the paint dry before putting the frame back in and hanging it up! This painting is so cool. I wish I knew the history of it. I don't see a signature anywhere. 

I doubt it's worth a million bucks but it sure looks like it is hanging up in the dining room.  I looked for a blog post about how I switched the dining room and living room and couldn't find it. But if the rooms in your house aren't working for you, then switch 'em up! Do we need a post about that?

Meanwhile here are some photos of the current state of the dining room with the painting. You'll notice I didn't say completed or finished dining room. I have a couple more projects up my sleeve for this room.


I love a sideboard or bar that looks like it's set up and ready for an impromptu party!


This beautiful lead crystal decanter was a recent estate sale purchase for ten bucks! I'm afraid to use it but it's stunning! 

lead crystal decanter

Second-hand silver is a real weakness of mine.


Now let's step back and see how it all works together.

living room as dining room

Read about my free dining room makeover from last summer. 

Also, one last thing. Who thinks this loveseat wants to be deconstructed? 


You don't have to have all the answers when you start a project. Just know the direction you want to go and get started.

XOXO Y'all!

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