Monday, March 2, 2020

March Madness: A Month of Personal Challenges

I did a dry December. I've had a Fix-it February. I've walked 90 miles in November and written a blog post every day in January. I like little challenges to work on to improve my health or productivity.

So what's March Madness 2020? Doing several challenges at once. Here's what's on the agenda.

1. Zero spending. I probably have enough right? I mean we all do. So this month there won't be any new clothing items (even from Goodwill) or shoes. Nothing new for the house. No new books, or magazines, or makeup or perfume.

2. Use up what I already have. This goes with #1. If I'm not buying anything new I'll be forced to use up what I already own. And looking around I can see I could go a long time without buying any books, makeup, or craft supplies.

3. Finish projects. I have some projects I've been talking about for a couple of years like painting the kitchen cabinets, and redoing a piece of fun art over my stove that got ruined. At the end of the month I should be a lot happier with the house.

4. Cash only. If I do have to purchase anything (like something I need to finish up a project because finishing my house goals is a bigger priority for me than zero spending ) I'll be paying cash for it.

5. Do some things I've been putting off like changing cell phone plans to cut my monthly cost and scheduling a colonoscopy.

6. Not accumulating stuff even if it's free. I'm not downloading any more free books or getting library books (Look at this list, y'all, when am I going to have time to read?) because my Kindle is full of books I haven't opened yet.

7. Organize closets and cabinets.

8. Walk every day. No specific length of time or distance just building the habit again after a rainy winter.

9. No alcohol. Because a dry March just sounds so catchy, right? 

10. Zero sugary treats. 

If you didn't understand why I was calling it March Madness, now you know! Want to join me? Make a list or just choose a couple of things you want to work on this month. No sitting down to watch TV unless you know exactly what you'll be watching or no drive-through food. Journaling every day or doing a morning stretch. Just pick something and let's get started!

It's almost spring y'all and that's a great time to have a jumpstart if your resolutions bit the dust somewhere in February.

What could we have accomplished 30 days from now?

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