Monday, January 16, 2023

New Year, New Direction


Have you seen people posting New Year, New Me! If only. Right? 

Some people go the opposite direction, New Year same me. Well that's defeatist as well as impossible. Also, do any of us really think we're all that great the way we are? 

New Year, new direction. That might be the Goldilocks resolution. 

We can't make over our entire personalities in one year or ever for that matter yet lots of people behave as if they can Cinderella the change at midnight. Staying the same isn't possible either. It's equally impossible. Life is about change. Everything alive is changing all the time. Every leaf. Every animal. Every human being. Even every cell. 

We are at all times either going forward or backward. There is no standing still so we might want to develop some kind of plan for that. 

Here's a hopeful goal. 

We can change direction. We can stop going along the same old road in ruts put down by habit or the influence of others and go a different way. 

Imagine yourself as a car. You don't magically become a Lamborghini because you pass a particular mile marker. But we can note the marker and ask ourselves how long have we been driving mindlessly on this road? How long have we been in low gear? How did all this trash get into the car? 

We can take notes and correct. We can choose another road going slowly at once because it's unfamiliar then gaining speed as we move along. Did we get lost somewhere along the way? Do we need to consult the GPS? We can always decide to wake up and pay attention, work on driving the car better and marking our progress. 

This is where I find myself at the start of this new year. Changing my focus and looking around to see where I am. I'm taking a new road. God is at work in unfathomable ways and as he loves doing new things.


  1. So good Michelle. I loved this! I'll be here on Mondays with you!!!

  2. Thanks, Kirstin! I'll try to always have something worth reading. Happy New Year!


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