Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Days of Silence, Contemplation, and Journaling

Today I'm heading off on a new and different adventure. I'm not traveling all that far but I'm spending 3 days at a retreat where I will be in silence.

You read it right. Silence for 3 days while I journal, take nature walks, and meet with a spiritual adviser. The interest in doing this was sparked by an article I read several years ago about a monastery in east Tennessee that offered the same experience. After reading Eat Pray Love my curiosity about this practice was sparked again. So when a friend invited me to join her, I didn't hesitate. 

This also means a digital detox while I focus on just being and listening. Most of the world's major religions have some form of this idea, just as they do for fasting. There must be something to it. Check back on Monday when I'll be sharing the experience.

And if you are just checking back out of curiosity to see if I had to secretly chat someone up, or find a squirrel to tell a story to, that's okay too. I'll tell you the truth.

Until then, Shhh.

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