Friday, August 22, 2014

All Things Great and Small Love a Potting Shed

Here's a picture of my potting shed. See the white shelf at the top? We'll get back to that.

We love little things around here. Yesterday I was positioning the concrete blocks that the rain barrel is going to go on and I kept having to stop to move baby toads so no one got smushed. Remember the movie, 7 Years in Tibet when the building of the movie theater came to a halt because of worms? It was like that. We'll get back to this project when the gutters are attached and the barrel is painted. You knew I was going to paint it, didn't you? I also think the window needs shutters. And maybe a window box.

I'm also being extremely quiet and cautious in my potting shed currently because we have baby Carolina wrens. They may be my favorite bird. Quick and curious, they are like the cats of birdom. They are very amusing and nest in unusual places. We've had them in a baseball cap my husband left hanging on a post. You can see it in this picture.

 This spring, we put off using the grill until the nest inside was empty. That was a particularly beautiful nest covered with moss.

 Our current residents are beginning life in a bee box. When you order bees they come in the mail in a screened wooden frame. This is what it looks like.

There is a large hole in the top where a can of syrup is placed to feed them in transit. In this photo it is covered by the label. You can't see the can because it is covered with bees.

I thought this box might be useful for something in the future so I put it on the shelf in the potting shed. A pair of Carolina wrens thought it was the perfect site for a nest. We had some build in it last year too. We've been hearing them but today the first brave one left the next only to find himself in a bird playpen. Mama wren is pretty smart.

Brave baby wren is in the bottom left corner. I know that lantern is in the way. I have a thing for rusty lanterns.

At one corner of the potting shed I have this out of control morning glory. So gorgeous early in the day.

At the other corner is the beagle. Baby birds and beagles. It's practically paradise.

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