Sunday, April 26, 2015

Glass Insulator Lantern Project

My road to minimalism is fraught with peril. Living in a home for 24 years that has been in the same family since 1966 means there is a lot. Of. Stuff. I've been on a mission since day one to either use it or get rid of it. Over the weekend my brain put two items that have been around for years, together. Let me start by showing you a picture of the workshop. Anytime I need anything I check here first. My father in law kept it well stocked and I've organized it several times before, but it needs a thorough rework.

It's next on my list for decluttering and organizing. I can't even talk about the attic. But baby steps, right?

So this light bulb cover has been hanging in the exact same spot since we've lived here. Who knows how long before that.

 I thought the glass insulator would fit inside and I was right, a perfect fit.

Next I cut and attached 3 lengths of wire to the bulb frame. I just twisted them in wild directions. 

I decided once I had it all together that painting the metal black would look nicer than leaving it plain. 

I hung it on a bracket that was already holding a hanging basket and added a votive candle. 

This entire project cost me zero dollars (my favorite amount to spend) and took less than 20 minutes.

Less shopping, more creating! What will you make today?

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