Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shabby Chic Projects for Porches and Potting Sheds

pen and ink

I finally ran the vacuum in my house and got the floor mopped. It was a struggle. This time of year outside is where it's at, whether you are sipping mimosas on your favorite restaurant patio or planting tomatoes. Who the heck wants to be in the house? Now that garden clean up and planting is finished I've been working on a few pretty little projects. The kinds of things that make you feel all Pinteresty on the inside.

First I cleaned out and organized the potting shed and assembled a potting bench using old windows that my son brought home. The base is a bookshelf on its side.

potting bench

On Easter weekend I made this cute little bee skep out of chicken wire, moss, and wire. I painted an old candle holder pink to hold it. Don't you think it screams SPRING?

decorative bee skep
wire bee

 I looked at the old windows for a few days and thought they needed...something. While organizng the workshop I ran across a can of chalkboard paint. A chalkboard would be a really handy thing for a potting shed. When was the last hive inspection? Where did I plant nasturtiums? Time to buy chicken feed! I painted 3 panes of glass with the paint. Then I got really carried away and made a little pennant banner out of twine and my favorite fabric for any project: painter's drop cloth.

Check out the painted curtain I made from it here and how I upholstered a chair with it here.

banner and window


 I used more twine and tacks to make a handy place to hold things like seed packets or a rag for my hands.

old window

Here's the window with the chalkboard panes and bee love pennant. 

window chalk board

pennant piece

I was on a roll so I made a pennant banner for the back porch too! These are made by cutting the triangles and just folding over the top and stapling it to the twine. Easy peasy.

shabby chic back porch

I love making plant markers from silver spoons. They are a little small and work best in planters. Here's a sample. 

plant marker

I love to display things on the mantle on the back porch. A robin built a nest on top of the hoe in the potting shed. She abandoned it without laying so I'm enjoying it with some fake eggs in it.

bird nest

bird nest

I collect or make things that inspire me. I put found objects together in a way that just look right or speak to me. Remember to decorate for yourself with things that make you happy whether it's inside or out.

Happy spring! 

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