Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to Make Home Made Makeup Remover, Cleanser, and Moisturizer All in One

castor oil makeup remover

Here's the easiest natural makeup remover and moisturizer in one. Okay, not the easiest because that would just be the oils and no beeswax which works perfectly fine. But you know me I can't leave things alone and adding the beeswax gave it a gel like texture that reminded me of royal jelly.

 In this photo you can see the bees building out the honeycomb to store both honey and brood. By the way that big clunky bee in the middle is a drone. This beeswax or comb is what I'm using in my skin care products. Besides adding a thickness and stabilizing qualities it is considered to be antibacterial giving things a longer shelf life and slightly anti-inflammatory which is a nifty quality in anything we are going to put on our skin.


 Here's a picture of pure rendered beeswax from my backyard apiary. Read about how I do that in the post, Rendering Beeswax.

rendered beeswax

The wax is grated and melted then blended with oils to create countless lotions and creams. These are all quite simple to make in your own kitchen. If you don't have your own bee hives it's really easy to find some beeswax online or at your local craft store.

beeswax for use in skin products

 The Bedtime Cleanser is a combination of castor oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

Use equal amounts of castor and jojoba oil and melt together with beeswax.

I used: 1/3 C each of the oils to a TBS of melted wax.

It's convenient to melt it all in a glass jar you are going to keep it in. It keeps you from making a mess in cookware and prevents wasting any of the mixture. If you used glass you can melt it right in the microwave or in a waterbath on the stove.

The oils make a lovely cleanser on their own if you want to mix them up in the palm of your hand in the evening but the addition of beeswax makes it thicker and easier to use. Since it's for use at bedtime I added lavender essential oil which makes it perfect as part of an evening ritual. Massage it into skin to remove make up then rest a warm washcloth on your face for a couple of minutes. Pat off excess oil.

castor oil for taking off makeup

What remains on your skin provides enough moisturizer for the night, at least by my standards, and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.

It's all perfectly simple.

If you are interested in trying out some recipes of your own check Pinterest. If you don't feel comfortable playing without rules there are tons of sites for weights and measures as well as a feast of recipes for your skin.

Let me know what you try and how you like it!

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