Thursday, October 26, 2017

The 10 Minute Fresh Boxwood Wreath

Okay, y'all. Now that the honey has been harvested and jarred and the bees are doing their off season thing this beekeeper has time to get to some of those projects inside that I've been noticing need to be done. So look for some upcoming posts about furniture projects! But today I'm using an old lampshade part to make a simple little boxwood wreath. 

I love square wreaths!

I had two square pieces of wire leftover from a lampshade deconstruction I did a couple of years back. 

I can't remember why I took this lampshade apart because how awesome would the whole thing have looked covered in boxwood! Looking around right now for unused lampshades to make that happen. 

Look for a boxwood preservation post coming up soon. 

For this little project I used fresh boxwood cuttings, bottom of lampshade frame, and wire. There's not step by step because I literally just wired the boxwood to the frame. I really like the square look as a change from round. I'll beef it up for the holidays with lots more greenery and maybe a bow, but I really love it just like this! 


  1. yah, square wreaths are neat looking. I think I like them better than round as well

    1. Me too! Getting ready to preserve some boxwood and make some much nicer ones for the holidays.


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