Monday, February 25, 2019

How to Create Your Garden Vision Board

A lot of you really liked this idea of a garden vision board to help you find your garden style. I wish I had done this 27 years ago when we moved to this house. Though my style did change over the years (read about it here) I feel like a vision board would have helped me notice the evolution of my preferences sooner and not keep marching on so long in the wrong direction.

Let's keep that from happening to you. Oh, what's that? You have a Pinterest board with all your garden ideas? Yeah, me too. It's got hundreds of images. In my computer and on my phone. A vision board is up in your house where you see it every day so you don't lose sight of your goals. Of course, you can do it for anything. Here's what the rest of my vision board looks like.

Here's the garden section.

Now! Let's make a vision board for your dream garden!

You can start with your Pinterest board if you want. But in that currently famous phrase, you are going to choose photos that spark JOY. Or make your mouth water, or make you want to throw your credit card at your nursery owner. You know what I mean. Pictures you cannot stop looking at. And honestly, that cuts it down a lot.

Now, this is important. PRINT THEM OUT. The exact photos you love the absolute most. Put them on your bulletin or poster board. You'll start to see themes emerge. You'll notice that some photos have things that are recurring. It seems obvious that you know what you like but when you do this exercise definite patterns appear.

Put your garden vision board in a prominent location so you have an overall goal. You probably aren't going to recreate a garden you have there exactly, but you will now be able to shop for things that feel like your vision board. If your dream garden is cool and contemporary you can avoid in one fell swoop all the red and yellow flowers on your shopping ventures. If you want romantic and rambly you'll know to leave the sleek square planter at the garden center. Again, seeing a version of your goal brings clarity. Anyone else just need some dang clarity in every area of life! 

This is going to help you along as you move toward the creation of the things you need to do before you even get to planting like choose path layouts and materials, garden containers, and furniture.

Now grab some coffee, make sure the printer is full of ink, and head over to Pinterest to look for your personal backyard paradise.

XOXO Y'all! 

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