Saturday, February 16, 2019

Ugly Pictures From My Garden: Transition is Messy

 Last Saturday when the high was 39 I spent 3 hours in the garden trying to catch up. The weather has been unusually rainy and I have had so few decent days to get anything done that if the sun is shining I must use the day even if I have to wear 3 layers of clothes. It was all so ugly I didn't even take any pictures because the whole thing literally looked like a trash pit from a construction site.

I probably need to write a post about garden clutter because, Y'all, it's a thing! Old fencing, rotten stakes, things that had served a purpose but are busted or no longer needed. Can I just say it's a hard clean up because as any gardener knows you always really do need a piece of wire or a stake.  The question becomes how much?

Here are some pictures from last August so you can see how ugly transition can be. August isn't a particularly pretty month for the garden anyway but dang, this was just sad!

Every project looks terrible in the middle and you might wonder why you even started it.

On this particular day last summer I was feeling overwhelmed and wondering if I shouldn't just rip it all out and put in sod.

When you are in the middle of a project and start to feel like maybe you've made a mistake, do not give up!

Keep going and doing the next logical thing. I feel like every project has that moment of despair. I have sat down on the floor many times in the middle of something and cried because I couldn't go back and I wasn't sure what to do next to move forward. In the end, I'm always so happy I didn't quit. I mean look at these photos. I had to keep going just to clean up the ginormous mess I'd made.

In the next post, I'll be sharing about how far I've come since this depressing day but I wanted to show you that things don't magically happen no matter how pretty the Instagram photo is. Don't be discouraged if you have a big vision.

Just keep taking baby steps to work toward your goal!

In the next post, I'll cover what I've gotten done since these photos were taken and what I've been working on in the cold weather. 


  1. So good Michelle. I kind of gave up on my garden space mostly because I couldn't tackle the deer and we didn't have the finances for a fence. Now I use containers and that satisfies me somewhat. lol.

    1. I'm lucky not to have to worry about deer in my backyard though I woke up a few years back and one was standing in my neighbor's front yard. Also a coyote once. The biggest thing I have to cope with back here is a mole the size of a puppy that undermines my best efforts. I'm using more containers too as a result.

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