Monday, September 30, 2019

The Real Magic Behind a Vision Board

There's a lot of talk swirling around vision boards and what they can do for you. How does this crazy thing even work? Is it a mind hack? Is it mystical?  Is it subliminal messaging? It may be all of those things or none of them. Depending on your intent.

Is it weird to use this if I'm a Christian? 

If you have ever written down a Bible verse you wanted to focus on and put it on your bathroom mirror, you've already done a version of this. You are just replacing the words with an image that represent what you are trying to achieve. Put the verse with the image if you want. 

You only have to think about how much money is spent on advertising by people trying to sell us things and think their thoughts to realize the powerful effect images have on our minds. 

No matter what you believe, the one way to ensure your vision board works is to allow it to be an inspiration to work.

If you think it's just a bunch of woo woo then think of it this way:

The truth about vision boards is that seeing your goals and desires every day inspires you to get to work on them. It's the picture version of your favorite motivational quote. It's your Pinterest call to action.

Even if you aren't consciously thinking about working toward your goals every minute of the day seeing your vision board sparks subconscious activity that leads to ideas about how you can make those pretty pictures a reality.

While writing down your goals and planning what you want your life to look like on paper is a good thing and something I definitely do, creating a vision board version of all those same things is...


But let's be clear. Sitting around all day staring at your vision board and wondering why you aren't living the life of your dreams is just flat out crazy.

Girl. You gotta do the work.

Your vision board invites and inspires you to get to work to make the desires on that board come to life.

So let me be clear. The world responds to action. The thinkers and dreamers are a dime a dozen. Everyone has a great idea for a book. Everybody knows what new business would be a huge success. Every single person has an idea for an app that would make millions.


So think of your vision board as a beautiful call to action.

What small steps can you take today to move you in the direction of any of your goals you see there?

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