Monday, October 14, 2019

Defining Success for Your Vision Board

A lot of the vision boards I see have things like private jets, expensive cars, and jewelry. If that's your jam then you do you, girl.

But what if your vision is bringing clean water to a village in Africa, teaching a child to read, or growing food in your garden to donate to a food bank?

Then that's what goes on your board!

You get to define what success means for you. Here are some examples of non-material things you can look for pictures of:

  • an in-depth spiritual practice
  • wellness
  • getting fit
  • building healthy habits
  • reading more
  • building a strong marriage
  • better parenting practices
  • making new friends 
  • strengthening existing friendships
  • writing a book
  • building a tribe of creative friends
  • Inspiring others

Your vision board is about your vision for your life. There's nothing wrong with leading a quiet life and pursuing the things that make you happy. There's a reason there's a slow living movement!

Just make sure the things you don't put on your board aren't on there because you really aren't interested in them and not just because you are afraid. As a matter of fact, overcoming fear would be a great thing to add to your board!

And if your vision board has a combination of both tangible and intangible goals, well there's nothing wrong with that either!  

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