Monday, November 11, 2019

Tips for Unpacking That Will Make Your Next Trip Easier

You know when the absolute best time to pack for a trip is? Whenever you are unpacking from the one you just returned from. The reason is that when you are fresh off a trip your mind is full of what would have gone better or smoother if you'd thought to take it.

How many times have you said:

You know what I forgot?
I wish we'd thought to bring...
Next time I'm going to pack...

While you are unpacking here are some simple things to do for the next trip even if you don't have it planned yet. There are lots of things you might not use between trips. Putting them right back in your bag will ensure that you don't forget a swimsuit or toothbrush. This method has the added bonus of using your suitcase for storage if you are short on space.

1. Refill your travel toiletries and put them back in your suitcase. 

2. Wash and repack your swimsuit, cover-ups, hats, and sunscreen. 

3. Sanitize your travel toothbrush and repack it along with a small tube of toothpaste.

4. If you have special pajamas or other travel attire, wash and repack it. 

5. Keep those pain relievers, allergy meds, prescriptions, etc. back in your suitcase after refilling any that you used up.  

6. Repack a razor and small tube of shaving cream and any hygiene products. 

Basically, as you unpack you are just freshening up and repacking those things you use when you travel. It's so helpful and comforting not to have to reinvent the wheel of what to take every time. As you unpack from your next trip take a moment to note things that you won't need until you hit the road again.

Bonus points for having an extra phone charger and doubles of makeup that can live in your suitcase!

It's great to know that you don't have to start from scratch every time you get your bag out to head off for an adventure!

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