Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Mission Debriefing: Part 1

It's over. I know, I know; you want to know if I cried. I didn't. I was so calm, in fact, that I could have been at Kroger buying a box of cereal. But let's deconstruct the weekend in order.

Friday night Rehearsal & Dinner: I received the key to the Bride's Room this night from the wedding hostess and so I wheeled in a suitcase with all manor of make-up and hair products, an assortment of jewelry and the fascinators for our hair (a tutorial on those is coming). I shlepped 17 pillar candles for the equipment that the church uses. Our hostess advised me to burn them down some ahead of time so wax didn't get on the carpet. So on Tuesday I lit them all and our house looked like we were hosting the monthly meeting of our local witch's coven. When the bride came home I told her we were having a human sacrifice later.

The rehearsal went off without a hitch and the groomsmen had almost as much fun with the wisecracks as I did. The rehearsal dinner was hosted by the groom's family outdoors at a local shop featuring decorative arts for the garden and reclaimed materials from old buildings around the world. We ate delicious grilled chicken and fried catfish amid pools and statuary, the speeches had the sound of dozens of fountains for background music. There was lots of laughter and love. At the end of the evening we were riding home in the car to take our daughter home for her last night in her own bed upstairs where she's been for 20 years since we moved into this house.

Wedding Day: I got up early to post on my blog and have a few moments alone before the sun came up. My daughter got up and we had coffee together and shared memories and talked about the future. We laughed at all the funny things from the rehearsal dinner and remembered a few tender moments. Later, after breakfast I went to the reception venue to decorate then it was back home to collect the bride for our hair appointments and then to the church. She came into the kitchen with her pillow.

"Baby, what are you doing with your pillow?"

"Mom, once we leave I'm not coming back here, so I'm taking it with me."

Okay, that almost got me, but I held tough. 

Within 10 minutes of us all arriving to get ready in the Bride's Room it looked as if there had been an explosion at the mall. It was chaotic and comforting in a girly sort of way. There is something wonderful about another woman telling you she brought 10 shades of lip gloss. My daughter and her friends were entertaining to say the least. Eventually it was time to put on the dress and jewelry. I didn't even tear up then.

Maybe my husband is right when he calls me a "blackheart."

The girls all then disappeared for photos. My husband and son had arrived in their tuxedos and we went over our parts again. All I had to do was remember to stand up when I saw my daughter. I hoped I could remember...The wedding hostess came and got all of us to hide us away. I returned to the bride's room about the same time as the girls. Then it was time to sit and wait...

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