Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tennessee Back Porch Living

This spring has been all about outdoor living. We have had a lot of rain but it also didn't get hot quite as early as usual here in the south so when I haven't been working on indoor projects I've been outside. Last week's little triumph was that I gave away this metal cabinet to a friend. It had been useful for over 2 decades on my back porch to store extra paper towels or party supplies. But since my goal is less of everything that means needing fewer places to put stuff. So out it went. I dragged it away from the wall and took a pic to post on Facebook. If you have things you don't need and someone else might post a pic and give it away to a friend who will come and get it! It's a win/win.

Look how everything opened up without that giant cabinet!

There's something about having an outdoor space. It lends itself to conversation and book reading. It's also a perfect place to watch bees, chickens, and dogs. Nothing beats it on those long awaited rains after too many dry hot summer days...

A porch is easily decorated with yard sale and thrift store finds. A cozy cottage look is easy to achieve with random pieces.

And on the patio adjacent to the porch there is now morning coffee in the swing and meditation.

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