Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring Projects: Bathroom Ceiling and Stairs

I was having so much fun during Project Week that I took a little selfie.  I'm happiest when I'm covered with dirt in the garden or paint in the house.

Last year I redecorated our cluttered and tired bedroom into a calm retreat of blue and white.

 The bathroom followed but was plagued with ceiling problems.  Here's a tip: don't do a plaster ceiling in a bathroom. After years of dealing with crumbling plaster and repairs, I solved the problem by having bead board installed. Here's the result prior to painting:

Several years ago when I removed the carpet from the stairs and painted them I thought polyurethane would only yellow in direct sunlight. Wrong. The risers yellowed almost immediately and I've been trying to get to this project ever since. I took this pic about halfway through so you could see the difference. They now make some fabulous non yellowing polys so check those out before you commit. I'm just leaving these as is since as empty nesters there is a LOT less wear and tear on them. 

 I went all out with the white. I've been painting using Valspar High Hide White and Bright White. My house is situated in such a way that it gets very little direct sunlight so I'm making the most of what there is. If you had a home with lots of natural light these might be a bit blinding so be careful.

Later in the week I'll be sharing a couple of other projects and revealing the finished results of these two.

I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning. 

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