Monday, August 3, 2015

How a Kitten Took Over the House and Found Her Name


Last fall we had to have our old cat put to sleep. You may have known her as Decor-cat. She was always busy supervising all my projects, which for a cat just means lying all over them so you can't get any work done.


Last week my son found an adorable fluffy kitty on Craig's List and called the people to see where they lived and he could pick up the kitten. They lived around the corner! It was love at first sight when he brought her in the door.


Introducing two dogs to something the size of the chipmunks and squirrels they like to chase is a tiny bit nerve wracking but by the second day they were licking her all over and following her every move.

dogs with kitten

A particular beagle is completely mesmerized and will stare at the new member of her pack long after the border collie has lost interest. The next problem of course is what to name the little darling. I posted her pic on Facebook and got some clever suggestions: Charlie Chaplan (or some combination thereof), Groucho Marx, Poochy, Smitten, Buttons, Shuwee, Piper, Pepper, Kit Bull (we have some strange friends), Checkers, GaGa (as in Lady), Sylvester, Flower, Gatsby, Figaro, Salvadore and/or Dali, Oreo, Angel, Perry, and Scout. 

Purina even has a cat name generator. According to it this cat's name should be Biscuit. 

beagle and kitten

We still hadn't decided though my son had decided to call her Pat the Cat. I know, I know. 

Then all at once she came bounding down the stairs like a champ took a swat at the dog nearest her and walked through the kitchen with all the attitude of royalty. My husband said "She just took charge and is now the queen of the house. Let's name her Cleopatra. We can call her Cleo."

How Brilliant is that? 

My son can still call her Pat. But so far, Your Highness seems more appropriate.

The next time you have a new pet post a cute picture of it on Facebook and let your friends weigh in. Even if you don't use any of the suggestions it'll be a lot of fun to see what folks come up with.

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