Thursday, August 13, 2015

Open House Sneak Peek


Just a couple of days left to get ready for the open house on Saturday! Everyone is really excited about the honey but I have been experimenting and have a couple of other things to offer. I've tried a couple of hand cream recipes that I really like. I'll be letting people sample them this weekend. On site product testing!

beeswax hand cream

The one I committed to is something I whipped up because I wanted to have a hand cream made from the clover that the bees use for the honey. I infused olive oil with white clover blossoms. Remember making clover chains as a kid? Everything about them says summer to me!

I'm pretty in love with how the label turned out.

packaging for hand cream

Of course we all know who the star of the show really is, Honey.

jar of honey


  1. Hi! I found you through 31 dayers. I've always wanted to keep bees but I have just the teensiest bit of bee fear.
    Love your site and your blog name, it's so clever! Good luck with the 31 Days. Can't wait to read more about beekeeping. Raw honey is the absolute best. All I need is a spoon.

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by! I was afraid too. I actually ordered my equipment and then let it sit around for a year before I got up the nerve. Before that I'd thought about it for years. Thanks for commenting! Now I know to write a post for the series addressing the fear. And raw the best!


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