Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Open House Follow Up & Pics

open house sign by front door

Friday night I was having a little meltdown. You know, when the thing you thought was a good idea seems terrifying and you text a friend to say "What was I thinking?" A house full of people makes an introvert nervous. And the cleaning. Don't even get me started. But I was keen to share my love of the bees and the amazing honey they make with friends so I put on my big girl extrovert panties (I do own some) and muddled through.

apiary tour

I needn't have worried. Friends came. People asked questions. The honey sold. That fantastic thing happened where people you know also end up knowing each other somehow making everything so much

beekeeping photo booth

I set up a little photo booth for the kids to dress up like beekeepers and have pics made by parents. The whole thing was pretty adorable. The sign is an old window my son brought home one day from a dumpster. I'd never been so proud. Some things are not meant to be thrown away. Old windows among them. And is chalkboard paint seriously not just the best thing ever invented? 

child beekeeper
child beekeeper

Taking after her mother, my daughter never met a photo booth she didn't like.


Around here we can't have anyone over without our dogs thinking the party is for them. Thanks to Janelle Meliton for capturing these shots amid the chaos. She has her own business caring for pets and is the only person we trust our babies to when we're away!

 Okay so chalk board paint and paper straws are the best things ever. I'm crazy about how colorful and festive the straws look! I had several test labels that I'd tested on card stock before printing them up on adhesive paper. I was wondering how I could use them and used the hole punch...you know just to see...if they'd fit on the straws and they did! I'm not sure what it says about me that some of my best ideas are the result of accidents. 

paper straws

Okay, chalk board paint, paper straws and mason jars.

mason jars drying

lemonade mason jar paper straw
mason jars with lemonade paper straws

The lemonade was a hit. Everyone loves a glass that looks happy and you know what mason jars say to guests? Relax. You are practically at home.

open house

When people got too hot I did take them inside and feed them. Not personally, of course, but there was food out. I tried to go with things that we wouldn't have if it weren't for bees like watermelon and almonds. I really never know what to do about food. About 15 minutes before anyone arrives for anything I am asking myself --What do people eat? I don't even know! But you know what they eat? Apples and honeycomb. It's pretty much all you'd ever need. If you've ever been to the Savannah Bee Company you'll know this already.

apples honeycomb

Entire conversations were built around the question--What do you like better? Spring honey? Or fall?

apples and honeycomb

Hanging around food and chatting was fun but everyone wanted to know where the honey was and when they could buy it. So we headed over to the guest cottage that I am using for a work space. An extra kitchen where no dogs are ever allowed is a luxury. I have a post coming up about it soon but you can catch a glimpse of it in these photos of the honey, soap, and hand cream on display.

honey display

honey display

soap with bee emblem

jar of honeycomb
tins of honey and white clover hand cream

jars of honey

gift basket

After receiving an order for 10 jars later in the day from someone who'd seen it on Instagram, I was done. The girls are currently working on the fall collection. If you missed the sale on Saturday make sure to like the Pen & Hive Facebook Page  to keep up with all the honey updates. If production is good this fall I have something fun in store for pre-Christmas shopping.

Remember you can always order soap and hand cream. I'll be introducing some new goodies soon! 

Stay tuned for what's next!

* Animal photos courtesy of Janelle Meliton. Instagram photos by Nathan Brasfield.


  1. Looks like a great event! Bill and I have definitely enjoyed the honey that Brittany brought over for us!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Glad you are enjoying it! I know he felt like he was waiting forever. I have to work on the bees' time and they are all females so they do what they want. :) I have told them to hurry up with the fall production though.


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