Friday, June 15, 2018

The Concrete Floor Chronicles (Or: How I Earned the Title, Procrastination Queen)

This project is now going to be put on hold because it's time to harvest honey!  Yes, you can give me the Queen of Procrastination crown. Envy my skills, Overachievers! 

I'm having a pull up the carpet and paint the floor come-to-Jesus-moment.

Are y'all sick of hearing about my cottage carpet woes yet? Oh good. I also think it's fascinating.

See? This is why we can hang out. 

So the entire time I have been planning on painting the whole floor in the guest cottage and stenciling a fun pattern. My friend The Food Maven suggested hexagons to represent honeycomb and of course, that is brilliant, as are all her ideas.

Just to recap, because I know you are on the edge of your seat with excitement: This is the floor in the kitchen of the guest cottage where I process honey and beeswax and have destroyed the carpet and linoleum. Not wanting to invest money in actual flooring (that will also be destroyed by future beekeeping activities) I'm going to paint but have been dragging my feet, and everything else because it's hot dirty work. Plus, I can't make a decision. Also, all I feel like doing in this heat and humidity is binge-watching Southern Charm in my underwear with a mojito. 

But while I was in the studio writing about painting the hutch, the LAST thing I could claim I had to do before yanking out carpet, I looked at my vision board. And just what do you think I saw?

People riding camels by the pyramids? Well, of course. Pictures of size 2 women doing yoga on the beach? Duh. Living rooms that look like libraries. Natch!

I have always wanted a brick floor somewhere inside. My dream would be in the kitchen. In my cottage on my sheep farm in England. Or was that in my villa on my Italian olive farm? Though I suppose I could settle for a brick floor in my suburban kitchen in Tennessee.


But since I'm just dealing with a concrete floor and not even the floor in the main house but in the cottage where I process honey and beeswax, why don't I play around with it?

Why don't I paint a brick floor? It's a great temporary fix and I wouldn't have to stay off of it nearly as long as if I did a proper paint job, stencil, and sealer. Ideally, for that job, I'd want to have a long curing time, 2-4 weeks. But I could play around quite a bit before I tackle that. And if nothing works well enough to hold up then I can always put down a proper floor covering.

Don't worry I promise not to make a move without sharing with you all about it. I mean could my life be any more fascinating?

Since we're obviously best friends if you are still reading about this carpet-pull-up put-off, let me know if you have ever painted a concrete floor or if you have great ideas for what I should do, Or if you happen to have a Pinterest board of painted concrete or charming brick floors. Girl, hit me up! I need help!

See ya in the comments!

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