Thursday, May 22, 2014

Writing and Craft Studio Reveal

My daughter went "shopping" in my house (the family furniture library where you can check out furniture and return it when you are done with it). So the cubby shelf and commercial kitchen cart were loaned out and an artist easel/desk and white office chair were returned. She also donated a cute sign and a couple of bulletin boards to the library empty nest project.

Let's review the evolution of this room. Here's where I started when my son moved out.  I love finding the absolute worst photos to show you!

I painted first. Most dramatic change for your buck every time.

Here's how it turned out after several months of trial and error. The counter height table makes it easy to work on projects while standing up and it's nice to have a separate sitting area so I don't have to move the laptop every time I want to use the table. The table can easily be moved aside to throw down a yoga mat so I can get my zen on.  This is the only space in my house that gets morning light and I love to soak that up.

I kept the map wall, although I did consider taking them down and painting an accent color. With the new cleaner cottage look though it looks pretty awesome.

 The easel in its desk position and office chair that got returned to the library.

My new reading and meditating space. Gone is the most uncomfortable piece of wicker ever created. This chair migrated from the den where it was replaced by a very large leather chair donated by my daughter and her husband.

I love this sign!

 Wire globe over the writing desk.

Bulletin boards provided a handy place to store my funky yard stick.

Next week I'm going to have some serious time on my hands for the first time this year. I've got a bathroom that needs painting and a tired yellow hallway in desperate need of help. Lookout downstairs! You're next!


  1. What a great space and I had to chuckle at the lending library. My niece is at University and my son just drove some furniture I had over to her new apartment space. Like books, it will be coming back eventually too. The map wall and wire globe look nice and the two work surfaces are a great idea.

    1. Round and round it goes! Today I asked my son to help me move a 1960s coffee table for a yard sale. He asked if I could save it for him and not sell it. At least this generation knows good stuff when they see it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. How interesting this post is! I followed you from Miss Mustard Seed when I saw your link about renovating your kitchen island (great job)! Then I started clicking around on your blog and saw this post about Writing and Craft Studio reveal. The very first picture of the library tag blew me away. I actually lived in Memphis and Shelby county growing up and now live just outside of Memphis. What a small world!

    Love the transformation of this room.

    Marilyn C.

    1. Wow, Marilyn! That's amazing! We live in the house my husband grew up in, in Bartlett. Are you a blogger or do you just like projects? I like projects and pretend to be a blogger. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!


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