Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cruising the Inside Passage: Whale Watching in Juneau


For Christmas my daughter and her husband gave us this cute card with the offer to pay for an excursion on our upcoming cruise to Alaska. She hates to be cold and obviously cannot imagine why anyone would go on a vacation anyplace without palm trees. Did you know that research shows that investing your money in experiences returns more happiness for your money than buying stuff?

There is so much about our family being revealed in this card. Anyway, we chose whale watching!

wildlife tour

Our travel companions, The Food Maven and Travel Bully did all the research and found a lovely whale watching tour. Juneau Tours and Whale Watch provided a fun and informative morning on the water in Auke Bay and the Inside Passage. The weather was cool and cloudy, just what we want when escaping Memphis heat and humidity, with breathtaking views in every direction. We did in fact see whales and some seals from a distance.

juneau alaska

Later just as I was about to get a great video of a whale's fluke about to go under this boat crossed right in front of my field of vision! GRRR.

My husband doing his best Captain Ahab.

whale blow

Thar she blows! Everything about this experience made me want to talk like a salty old sailor.

whale watching

There are rules. We liked that.

auke bay

These humpback whales have traveled from Hawaii and are feeding on the krill in this area. So they were basically just thinking--FOOD! Kind of like me when I'm on a cruise. Maybe a hungry whale is my spirit animal. 

After our bus returned us to the cruise dock we headed to the Red Dog Saloon.
juneau alaska

You've got to love a place with sawdust on the floor. There were so many things to look at it was really hard to focus on the menu. Did I mention that I am super distracted as well as indecisive when eating at someplace new? This place had way too much stuff for me to look at and wonder about to be able to focus on reading a menu.

juneau alaska

The General and the Travel Bully take a break to think about the next adventure.

There were a lot of great signs in this town but this one combined with the picture above is super amusing to me.

amusing sign

We did all of this and still had time to head back to the ship for lunch and change of clothes for the afternoon excursion...


  1. That's a lovely gift! Is your daughter's nickname Bossy? I went whale watching in Iceland and saw some tails along with getting incredibly cold and wet!

    1. You have perfectly summed up whale watching! And yes, our daughter's nickname is Bossy and her husband's is Hollywood. He's quite stylish and here's a link to her blog which might explain her nickname a bit:


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