Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Tricks and Tips for Beating the Heat

A post is coming next week with a garden tour and complete start to finish recap of my garden overhaul. The operative word there being haul. I did mention 2 tons of gravel, right? Meanwhile one of the questions I've received from a bunch of people is how am I working so hard in this heat and worse, humidity.

I should start off by professing my love for winter and all things cozy. Roaring fires and stacks of books, hats, and scarves. (sigh)

Here's how to make the best of it if you decide to take on what should clearly have been a fall, winter, or spring project in the middle of July. What project am I avoiding with this one? 

I mean obviously, hire someone. But if you are cheap, like me, here ya go. 



Maybe the most important thing I've done is to get up early, which I always do. I'm generally up at five and when it's getting light at six you can get outside super early. There are two reasons for this.

First, It's cooler. Aren't you glad you showed up for this info you can't get anywhere else? 

Second, as the day heats up you notice it less.

If you are hanging around inside with the AC blasting and you head out at nine or ten to get started the heat can already knock you down in the south. Being out as the temp rises makes a huge difference even if you are just having your coffee outside. So, remember if you have a lot of outside work to do get out and stay out.


I generally get going around six and work until about 10:30. Then I come inside to take the first shower of the day, (Hugo Chavez is rolling over in his grave) and tackle inside chores. Generally, this means spending seven hours on Pinterest ogling gardens the size of Massachusetts, but lately, it has meant slinging, jarring, and labeling honey. On hive inspection days I do have to hit the hives around 11:00 for an even hotter job. On those days I come in totally wiped out.

I'll happily confess to slipping a nap in this afternoon schedule somewhere if I feel the need. 

After dinner, I go back out and work until dark. By dark, I mean about 9:00.


I have a 25 oz. water bottle that I fill up 6-8 times a day. In the morning I put some lemon slices in the bottle and fill it to the top with ice. Top off with filtered water and take it everywhere! You cannot stay out in this heat if you don't hydrate! I start the day with a protein smoothie and often don't have that until I come in at 10:00. I'm not that hungry first thing in the morning and I find that I eat far less when it's this hot. Later I have a salad and dinner is something light. This heat is an appetite killer. How have I lost zero weight?  


I know that you know to wear the lightest, loosest fitting, coolest thing you have. I have worn the same shirt and shorts whenever I was working on this project. Also boots most days, and after the first couple of days when I got too much sun on my face, I ordered this hat from Amazon with the SPF built in. Don't forget your garden gloves!


*I am not recommending these products. I am telling you what I do. 

Now if you want to make all your own goodies that's great. Some days I do that too. However, when I started this project the ticks were bad and the mosquitos were attacking me in swarms. While I occasionally use homemade mosquito repellent you have to reapply often. This was definitely a Deep Woods Off situation, especially for legs. I did not receive a single mosquito bit during this project.

I used Neutrogena SPF 70 on my face. I have an olive complexion and come in between 10:00-3:00 so I don't bother with sunscreen on my body.

When I come in from the heat I spritz my face with Garnier SkinActive Facial Mist Spray with Rose Water. Obviously, I've sweated all the sunscreen off by this time. I keep it in the fridge so it's extra refreshing. I found this product a few weeks ago when my face and lips were super sensitive due to my propolis/beeswax allergy. ( I know, right?) I was looking for something with rose water and found this. It gave me so much relief! I use it several times a day. Again, you could probably make something similar if you have time. I might try to do that myself this winter when I get a minute.

I have to say that after two weeks of this schedule, I feel amazing! An Instagram friend says she calls it the Prairie Girl Workout. I like that.

Stay cool, Y'all! 


  1. I love a kindred spirit who has to tackle projects when the idea strikes, weather be damned. (But, oh... WINTER.)

    Can't wait to see the end result of all your gravel-hauling labor!

  2. Right? I have to get it done while I’m passionate about a project and feel energized. See you soon!


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