Monday, August 13, 2018

Back Porch Redesign: From Bright and Exciting to Cool and Calming

Every good mint julep deserves a good back porch. Last year I painted our screened in porch with gray porch paint. Read about the 2017 porch makeover, right here. 

It was a vast improvement over what was there before but I wanted it to be so much more. I was semi-satisfied with it until the recent garden reno. When there was so much green on the other side of the screen, the white chairs and sparse furnishings were fine.

My goal was to create an authentic Southern back porch. I didn't want Pinteresty signs that said "gather" or anything burlap. I wanted to steer clear of "farmhouse." These bright signs definitely had to go as well.

I can't tell you how glad I am that the zebra grass is gone from this corner.

After I added all that lovely blue/gray crushed limestone it was too much brightness for relaxing. I needed to bring in some coolness and darker colors to foil the glare from the stone. I scored this beautiful patio rug at Target for half off of its 120 dollar price.

I had already bought delightful fabric on clearance for 8 bucks a yard and became obsessed with trying to match the color of the bird. It's much more chartreuse than it appears here. The bold pattern and color of the bird made me feel all French retro.

I have two little side tables that I wanted to be the exact color of that bird.

Originally, I thought this might be a fall/winter project but y'all know how I get. When inspiration hits I can't control myself. Plus it all just kept coming together! I found this vintage wicker chair at an estate sale and it was the color of a set my grandmother had. My authentic Southern porch was getting closer! I mixed up some paint and painted the other chair to match.

I debated whether to leave the Adirondack chairs white but in the end that side of the porch needed a cool weighty color and I chose Annie Sloan's Chateau Grey. As soon as I brushed on the first stroke I knew I'd made the right choice.

The same day I painted the chairs I hit up an estate sale where I found a Victorian birdcage and cute little step stool. The darkness of the sign I painted last year (read about it) was the perfect touch of black on the wall. In the corner behind the vintage wicker is a good old-fashioned box fan.

Here's how it turned out! My grandmother would feel right at home and I love how the color palette evokes style memories from my childhood.  Who thinks I need a table for the center to put our feet up on?

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