Monday, August 27, 2018

The Finished Potting Shed: Adding a Glass Wall

diy potting shed

The largest part of the potting shed was wrapped up in a day, see the previous post, but the hardest work was phase 2.

 The lattice had always been here, put up by my father in law over 25 years ago. I'd added the tool rack many years back but the whole thing had always kind of bothered me. I'd stand in the shower and look out the window at the potting shed and imagine a wall of glass here instead. Step one was moving the tools to their new home.

Next was tearing out-carefully so it can be remade into another project- the lattice.

Thanks to my son who came home one day when he was in college with a carload of old windows he'd rescued from a dumpster -is he my kid or what?- I had the windows to do the project. I'd also retrieved a sidelight from a neighbor's trash pile years ago and knew it would be perfect for this spot.

This is another one of those projects that I did for almost nothing. I had everything except hinges which I bought for about 5 bucks. Thanks to a tree falling on my daughter and son in law's front porch (everyone is safe but they are getting a new roof) I also had some reclaimed 90-year-old pieces to finish out this wall. I hand sawed all these pieces and spent the day piecing it all together like a puzzle.

I'm sure people with actual skills are cringing, but that's okay. I noticed that on my ginormous Pinterest board of potting sheds I loved the ones the most that looked like they'd been made out of necessity. The ones with bits off-kilter and a little rough around the edges. I adore the ones that look like they're ancient. I used vintage bricks for the foundation of this wall to further the been here forever effect.

My main goal was to have a little window that I could open. As I cobbled this wall together I got happier and happier. Here's a little before and after:

When I got the window framed in I added a little sill and finally added much dreamed about the window. It looked great from inside.

Then I stepped outside and it looked like Ma and Pa Kettle had built it.  I didn't want it to look that quaint!  Though as I looked at it I realized it was probably just that all the materials were a different color. I couldn't get to painting soon enough. Can we just agree that paint is magic? 

Over the next couple of days, I finished the painting and then when I was backing into work on Friday there, right in front of me were a couple of old doors leaning against a dumpster.

I wheeled back out and went to throw it in my SUV. It was probably the heaviest thing I've ever retrieved. Thank goodness I was so excited about it that I had the same adrenaline as a mother lifting a car off her kid.  I went inside and texted my bestie to have someone come and get the other one for her. Can't wait to see how she uses it!

The door creates the half wall on the tool storage side. It still needs to be cut to size but it was a great solution for creating a barrier on that side and giving the potting shed a more complete feeling.

You know after that I painted all the tool handles to look more cohesive. How could I not? A dusky green seemed perfect for NOT being able to find the tools I leave in the yard. But who wants neon yellow vintage tools? 

I wanted something special on the potting bench and the new batch of Iron Orchid Decor Stamps arrived just in time at Me & Mrs. Jones. I used the wreath building stamp to create a detail that will be the perfect place to photograph things from the garden.

Have you had a project you've dreamed of for ages? Getting started is most of the battle. And even though it may not be perfect there is tremendous satisfaction in being able to say that you did it yourself.  Besides perfection is so overrated. 

Keep imagining and doing! 

XOXO Y'all! 

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