Saturday, October 1, 2016

You: Sustainable: A Guide to Small Improvements for a Better Life

 Feeling stuck and unproductive? Wondering where your energy went and where those extra ten pounds came from? Thinking that you missed your chance to be who you were meant to be?

Then welcome!

Starting today I'll be sharing a month of doable strategies to improve the quality of your life in every area. Change can be hard but if we work together in small increments we can accomplish moving in the direction we want to go. What direction is that? Forward!

Forward toward perfection?

Nope. Forward to being a little better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today. I'll be sharing what I've learned over the years to help me keep going on the hard days and fully enjoy the good ones.

Don't be nervous. It's going to be fun and I promise it will not be difficult. Above all, it will be positive and encouraging!

I'll be making videos as well as writing and creating images for us to use as reminders of how we are going forward toward our goals.

You should probably know I use the word goals loosely.  Please see above paragraph about perfection. My motto is "something is better than nothing."

You can't possibly be intimidated by that.

Let's do this! Join me tomorrow for Defining Success and our first pinnable/printable image.

You can find me on Pinterest , Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Feel free to pin, tweet, and share to your heart's content! Just don't crop my photos, please. I love them just the way they are. :)


Check back here daily for each day's post for the entire month of October:

2. Defining Success for Ourselves
3. Why You: Sustainable? Video
4. The Power of Ordinary Days
5.Establishing a Morning Routine: Body
6. Establishing a Morning Routine: Spirit
7. Establishing a Morning Routine: Mind
8. Setting Sustainable Intentions
9. Sustaining Your Sanity Until this Election is Over
10. Monday Motivation: The Ultimate Collection of Baby Steps Video
11. Sustainable Tricks For Staying Youthful at Any Age
12 Adding Reframing to Your Toolkit for a Sustainable Life
13. Sustainable Grace for Wherever You Are on Your Journey
14. Creating a Sustainable Bedtime Routine
15.The Best Early Christmas Present You Can Give Yourself
16.The Greatest Work of Your Life May Shock You
17. Journaling to Track Sustainable Progress Video
18. How to Prepare for the Worst Day of Your Life: Winter is Coming
19. Looking Ahead to Better Days: Summer is Coming
20. The Power of Small Decisions
21.  Small Decisions on Auto-Pilot: Building Sustainable Habits
22. Why You Can Stop Looking for the Perfect Diet, Parenting Book, or Fitness Plan
23. Tackling the Scale
24. Do More Stuff You Like  Video
25. 5 Practical and Sustainable Things to Start Doing Today
26. How to Create Your Skill Set Bucket List
27.How You Have the Power to Literally Change Your Mind
28.Creating Focus for Reaching Your Goals
29.The Universe Responds to Action
30. The You: Sustainable Reading List
31. Your Sustainable Future

Please do me a favor and leave a comment if you find this series helpful.



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    2. Hey, Kirstin! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I checked out your blog and it seems like we are on similar journeys. I'm excited to read along with you this month. Great job so far!

      Funny thing, I had to delete my first reply because I called you Kristin. Which isn't funny except that my daughter's name is Kirsten and nothing irritates her more than people getting it wrong. :)


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