Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Soul Mate Memphis To-Do List

My friend, the Food Maven has been here a couple of days and I made a little Memphis To-Do List for us. I should explain that she is a world class shopper, decorator, and bargain hunter so quite a bit of our activities include shopping. Generally at this point in life I dislike shopping and I'm keeping Kroger Click List and Amazon in business.

Why drive all over town looking for what you need? Why put on shoes? Or a bra?

Okay, too much information, but secretly, you know you are with me on this. 

But there are a few things I have needed for the house that I have been holding off on looking for until she arrived. Shopping with a friend is SO much better than shopping alone. Plus, she shares a love for all things vintage and cottage-y and speaks my same Pinterest language.

On Tuesday when she arrived we were both hungry and went straight from the airport to Owen Brennan's for a New Orleans style lunch. It's a pretty dark restaurant and besides having the waiter read the menu to us--you know how servers love that--FM had to take our bills up front to the window to be able to read them without her glasses.

Cue hysterical laughter. By us while all the people there for the express lunch for executives looked on in envy. Okay, maybe it was more annoyance that we were having cocktails and didn't have to go spend the rest of the afternoon at a desk.

Next up was a trip to Whole Foods for healthy goodies and snacks.

Followed by a trip to Muddy's for cupcakes.

What? It does so make sense.

Wednesday was all about IKEA. Afterwards we hit up Southern Vintage, a darling antique store in Bartlett, then a trip to Goodwill, because thrift shopping.


Today is Take Your Soul Mate to Work Day because I have the most amazing job with the best boss ever.

Here are some other things on our list of places to hit or miss while she's here:

Broad Avenue Arts District
Me & Mrs. Jones for a workshop 
Maggie's Pharm 
Overton Square
Burke's Book Store
Collierville Town Square
Sheffields Antique Mall

Tomorrow we have a fun photo remake planned with more dear friends.

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