Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why I'm Posting More in 2018

Let me tell you why I decided to post so much more in 2018...

But first, my Soul Mate arrived yesterday for a week long visit! We'll be busy laughing ourselves silly, cooking, visiting with friends, and shopping so pray for my husband. There will be non. stop. talking. 

Instagram will be the place to go to find out where we are (Burke's Book Store, Novel, Pottery Barn Outlet, Maggie's Pharm and Me & Mrs. Jones are on our list) and who we are assaulting blessing with our random silliness. 

I had been feeling pretty bad about how sad I'd let the blog get and, honestly, how many times last year I just reposted something I'd previously posted, out of desperation. Then I came across Gretchen Rubin and her podcast. I'd seen her on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday a couple of years back but hadn't read her book, The Happiness Project.

And podcasts, y'all. How am I so late to this party? I have given up on the news (a topic for another day) and now have a list of podcasts I listen to at the gym or while driving.

Gretchen Rubin's podcast about Happiness is such a great thing to listen to while I'm stuck behind a garbage truck in 4 lanes of traffic on the way to work. Last week while she and her sister were discussing their 18 for 2018 (There's an idea if you are still resolution free) they mentioned "creating a consistent body of work."

I had been creating a body of work with the blog but I couldn't really use consistent as an adjective.

I came home and downloaded The Happiness Project to my Kindle. Let me just recommend this delightful book to you. Gretchen has done tons of research into what makes us happier and the book is her year long journey to make her own life happier. I'll be sharing more about her book in the next few posts because it's full of beneficial ideas.

Reading more this year is on my list too.

At some point while reading I came to the realization that writing my blog made me really happy and I hadn't been doing it much lately.

So here we are. The goal for the year is 3 X per week for a minimum of 150 posts in 2018. The most posts I've ever written before was 100 posts in 2014 when I apparently had a lot to say. Most years fall well below that with the average being 81. I think 150 is a stretch without being unrealistic or burdensome like trying to write every day.

 I'm not interesting enough for every day unless I add sports and obituaries.  I'm just hoping I'm interesting enough for 3 days a week. Have something you'd like to know more about or a question? Let's hear it!

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