Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Recapping Soul Mate Reunion 2018

How is the week up already? Today my friend and soul mate headed home and we didn't even do half the things on our list!

We may have been overly ambitious. For instance, yesterday our plan was to go to Sheffield's Antique Mall, then hit all the little shops on the Collierville Town Square, and have lunch someplace darling.

That was until we stayed in Sheffield's for four and a half hours.

But it was so fun! We met another old friend (from our photo remake) there and we all adore picking up every beautiful dish and plate, laughing at things that you wonder why people ever purchased (like the Richard and Pat Nixon salt and pepper shakers), and imagining the homes some of the most beautiful objects came out of. And of course wondering if vintage gas masks would be good protection from this wicked flu season.

Much to our dismay, this entire week we did not find our way to one single bookstore. Who are we?  

We did however make it to both Muddy's locations. I guess that's who we are.

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Here's the complete list in absolutely no order whatsoever: 

Me and Mrs. Jones: Germantown and Overton Square
Maggie's Pharm
Movie: The Greatest Showman
Kendra Scott
Southern Vintage Antique Mall
Sheffield's Antique Mall

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Here's the food run down: 

Original Muddy's 
Muddy's Grind House
Sushi Jimmi
The Second Line
Owen Brennan's
IKEA Cafeteria

Evenings were spent sitting by the fire with the animals and occasionally the husband. Every moment was filled with all manner of fond memories of past adventures, silliness, and laughter.

How did we not take one single selfie?

No. Seriously HOW?

*gas mask photo by The Food Maven

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