Thursday, February 22, 2018

Glamping in the Guest Room

This week I am glamping (glam+camping) in the guest room so my husband can get some sleep.

If you are following on Instagram or FB you know I have a wretched neck muscle injury and have been in terrible pain all week. Who wants to try to sleep next to someone who may randomly yell out in pain when turning over? Yeah, that's right. No one. Thank goodness for an extra bedroom.

Our guest room was originally my son's nursery when we moved into this house 26 years ago. His crib sat where the bed is now. He grew up in this room then took over the entire upstairs when his sister moved out. She moved back home with millions of other kids during the Great Recession and into this room since her brother claimed her larger one. Eventually everyone moved out and  I claimed the entire upstairs in Project Empty Nest 2013. 

 When I was finished the guest room looked clutter free and clean.

When my son got his first solo apartment I made several contributions from this room so it was looking a little drab. I'd been so focused on the guest cottage this room had been neglected, but it bothered me every day as I walked by it. 

Read about how I'm using my daughter's old room here.

Recently at IKEA I found this duvet cover I'd been looking at for a long time marked down to half off. They only had the king size but the wonderful thing about owning a sewing machine is that sizes for things that have straight seems and simple shapes don't matter so much. I stitched a seam to make it a full size and trimmed the excess.

Are you ever too old for pink? And check out these precious  Fleur de lis printed sheets from Target!

Very little was purchased. Mostly things were just moved around to freshen it up.  And just in time for me to use it to rest and recover. 

From a workout. 

That sounds so lame.


  1. It looks like a super cute room to recuperate in. Hope it works wonders on you and you feel pain-free soon.

  2. Thanks, Emily! Even though I was in agony it made me feel special and spoiled to be using this room and it relieved the stress of thinking I might be keeping my husband awake and the worry of thinking he might shake the bed or accidentally bump me while I was in so much pain.


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