Thursday, March 1, 2018

Saying a Fond Farewell to Winter and Welcoming Spring

While scientifically it's still winter, for most people March marks the beginning of spring on the yearly calendar. Is anyone actually paying attention to that groundhog? These last days of February already look like winter is over here in the mid-south. Daffodils and forsythia are in bloom and green shoots of day lillies and mint are popping up everywhere.

Some years I have looked forward to it with great anticipation, a few especially sick or depressing winters come to mind. When my kids were at home there were a few winters where someone was sick all the time and it seemed to go round and round. During years like that warm weather and open windows cannot come soon enough. But this year I'm in no hurry to see winter go. I've enjoyed it as any beekeeper should by thinking of it as the "off" season.

I love the change of seasons and appreciate the duality of some of my favorite things. I've made a list.

Things I'll miss about winter: 

Roaring fires every night.
Animals curled up fireside.
Great coats
Cocoa by the fire
Plenty of excuses to stay in
Saving time on pedicures and shaving
No yard work or pulling weeds
Not having to check on the bees so often
Silent snowfall

Things I'm looking forward to about spring:

Open windows
Dogs lying outside in the grass, the cat in open windows.
Not dragging a coat around
Light airy dresses.
Coffee on the back porch
Longer days mean getting out more.
Blossoms falling
Bare feet
Red toenails and smooth legs
Planting flowers
Bees. Bees. Bees.
Buzzing gardens

March isn't coming in like a lion in Tennessee today, it's coming in more like a wet bedraggled dog. We've had days and days of rain. I'm cheering myself up by taking note of small happinesses and things I enjoy.

What's on your list of seasonal joys?


  1. Great list. Things I’m looking forward to: picnics, cherry blossom, soft fruits in season, bees!, sitting out in my garden for the first time (we arrived in November).

    1. Those all sound like lovely things to look forward to! did you move last fall?

    2. Yes - we moved twice in three months - definitely relieved to be unpacked now!

    3. Wow! That's a lot with a baby! Hope you have a lovely spring in your new home!

    4. Thanks Michelle, and you in your home.


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