Thursday, April 26, 2018

Because Pink Kitchen Cabinets Aren't Just for Barbie

pink kitchen cabinets

Sometimes we fight something in a room that we should just give up and embrace. Like pink countertops in a kitchen. The counter in question is in the guest cottage and not in the main house so I'm not interested in spending the money to have it replaced. And it isn't in bad shape. As a matter of fact it is in perfect condition. It's Luckily I happen to like pink.

I am slowly making progress in creating my vision of The Pen and Hive Cottage, or The Hive for short. Check out this link to see just how bad things were when I got started and how far it's come:
 The Pen and Hive Cottage Kitchen Reveal

cottage kitchen

There was a handle I couldn't get off for some reason when I painted the cabinets originally so it's one of those things that's been an irritation for years. If I couldn't get it off I couldn't replace the hardware so I'd been putting that off. I had painted them turquoise for a fun in the meantime fix. The other day I decided to just see if maybe that handle couldn't come off. And guess what!

Now I had choices! What if I painted the cabinets to match the counterop and make it look intentional? I had a can of Annie Sloan's Antionette left over from when I painted the art wall in the upstairs hall. I don't think I shared that with you! Remind me to share with you all the ways I've used Antionette around the house so far this year.  #obsessed

It took me a couple of months to get around to it because those bees and travel have been keeping me busy. But I finally got to it this week. Y'all! Antionette with the new hardware! Check it out...


 Now. While I love love love that yellow damask wallpaper and it has given me 3 years of happy, I am wondering if something black and white wouldn't be just amazing back there. Who am I kidding? Of course it would. But what I'm really thinking about is a black and white floor. There are going to need to be like 40 million blog posts about that.

chalk painted kitchen cabinets

Pulling up carpet is hard work and then what kind of floor. But y'all. Seriously look at those cabinets and imagine a black and white floor.


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