Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A First Time For Everything List

On our last day at sea as the Triumph crossed the gulf on its way back to New Orleans, we soaked up the sun with a bit of sadness that our trip was drawing to a close. The night before I had gone to the salon to get my hair cut after seeing how fantastic Debi's hair turned out. The Scottish stylist, Emma knew exactly what I wanted before I finished explaining. She gave me a great cut and just when I thought she was finished she went back in and cut out what looked like enormous swaths of long hair.

There was a gasp from my entourage. We'd all been the cheering section for Debi when she got her hair cut and now they were there to be my moral support. There was a lot of hair on the floor. It looked amazing when she finished blowing it out and curling it.

It has never looked remotely like that one time since I returned home. 

Our last day at sea was extremely chilly compared to the other days. A cold snap had swept south while we were away so I was glad I'd made the most of the waterslide the day before. We spent our last day reading, laughing, and semi-packing. Packing to go away is so exciting. Packing to go home is always depressing. 

I decided since I've never been on a cruise without my husband before I would make this a trip of other firsts.

I kept a list in my travel journal: 

Girls' Trip Cruise

Having my picture made with the captain.

Getting my hair done.

Going to the dance club. (every night)

Having bacon at all 3 meals one day.

Shopping for jewelry while doing tequila shots

Doing the Cuban Shuffle in the ocean.

Getting a henna tattoo.

Dance party in a Mexican taxi.

Eating a Guy's Burger Joint burger. Ahem...on the daily. 

Trying almond and chocolate tequila.

Going to Guest Services myself to get my bill straightened out. (usually my husband's job)

Salsa lesson.

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