Friday, January 10, 2020

5 Creativity Boosts To Try This Weekend

This week we've been trying to spark new ideas and add some creativity to our lives. If you feel like you would like to try something but don't know what here are a few ideas to try this weekend.

1. Write down 10 creative ideas. They don't have to be things you'd actually do, the point is to start feeling creative. So while you might not paint a giant mural of your grandson's face on the side of your house, you can write that down.  Plan a trip around the world where you visit all the best bookstores, invent an app to solve a problem you have, or you could be all original and put down "write a book."

2. Doodle. You might already do this while you are on the phone or in a boring meeting at work. I'm sorry if you have to sit in boring meetings especially if there is fluorescent lighting. But start to pay attention to what you are doing and be a little more intentional. Maybe even buy a special notebook for your doodles. 

3. Rearrange the stuff in your house. Moving furniture to new locations and taking pictures down to rethink how things are put together is a great way to start thinking about things in a new way. 

4. Paint something. Don't panic I'm not talking about traveling to the countryside with your easel and beret. But that certainly sounds like a plan!  Sometimes painting something practical like a room or piece of furniture can spark seeing how different color alone can make things. You aren't painting the Sistine Chapel! Just start on a small table or nightstand. If changing the color of a whole room makes you queazy just introduce color on an accent wall.

5. Put together new outfits. You don't have to go shopping. Try putting together things you own in a new way. Or do it virtually by downloading one of several free wardrobe apps. I use Pureple. Take pictures of all your clothes and accessories. If you want to create a dream wardrobe then screenshot your favorite clothes from websites. Use the app to put together outfits complete with all the jewelry and accessories. It feels like paper dolls for grown-ups.

Remember, no matter what else you are working on fostering creativity can help you think outside the box and puzzle together new solutions.  A more imaginative mind is helpful in every area of life. There are only two ways to approach a problem, creatively or non-creativley. Which one do you think serves us better in life? 

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  1. Yes. Love thing I've wanted to do more of is "doodle"


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